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The Million Molecule Challenge

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The Million Molecule Challenge: Longevity Prize aims to incentivize the discovery of pathways and combinations that significantly extend both the lifespan and healthspan of C. elegans. This research is expected to uncover new avenues for advancing human longevity in the future.

$ 30kprize

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Meet the Jury

  • Aaron King

    Aaron King · Foresight Institute

  • Alexandra Stolzing

    Alexandra Stolzing · Loughborough University

  • Brian Kennedy

    Brian Kennedy · National University of Singapore

  • Celine Halioua

    Celine Halioua · Loyal

  • Christine Peterson

    Christine Peterson · Foresight Institute

  • David Furman

    David Furman · Buck Institute

  • Deniel Ives

    Deniel Ives · Shift BioSciences

  • Eleanor Davies

    Eleanor Davies · VitaDAO

  • Eleanor Sheekey

    Eleanor Sheekey · Sheekey Science, Narita Lab

  • Jamie Justice

    Jamie Justice · Healthspan XPRIZE

  • Jean M. Hebert

    Jean M. Hebert · Albert Einstein School of Medicine

  • Joanne Peng

    Joanne Peng · MIT Boyden Lab, Thiel Fellow

  • Joe Betts-Lacroix

    Joe Betts-Lacroix · Retro Biosciences

  • José Luis Rincón

    José Luis Rincón · Retro Bio

  • Karl Pfleger

    Karl Pfleger ·

  • Keith Comito

    Keith Comito ·

  • Lan Dao

    Lan Dao · Université de Montréal

  • Laurence Ion

    Laurence Ion · VitaDAO

  • Leon Peshkin

    Leon Peshkin · Harvard

  • Max Unfried

    Max Unfried · National University of Singapore, VitaDAO

  • Michael Snyder

    Michael Snyder · Stanford

  • Nathan Cheng

    Nathan Cheng · On Deck Longevity Biotech, Healthspan Capital

  • Nir Barzilai

    Nir Barzilai · Albert Einstein School of Medicine

  • Petr Sramek

    Petr Sramek ·

  • Raiany Romanni

    Raiany Romanni · Harvard Kennedy School

  • Reason

    Reason · Repair Biotechnologies

  • Riva Tez

    Riva Tez · Investor

  • Sebastian Brunemeier

    Sebastian Brunemeier · Healthspan Capital, ImmuneAGE

  • Sergio Ruiz

    Sergio Ruiz · Turn.Bio, Methuselah Foundation

  • Sonia Arrison

    Sonia Arrison · 100 Plus Capital

  •  Sruthi Sivakumar

    Sruthi Sivakumar · Retro Bio

  • Tim Peterson

    Tim Peterson · WashU, VitaDAO

  • Tyler Golato

    Tyler Golato · VitaDAO, Molecule

  • Vadim Gladyshev

    Vadim Gladyshev · Harvard

  • Viktor Korolchuk

    Viktor Korolchuk · Newcastle University

  • Vincent Weisser

    Vincent Weisser · VitaDAO, Molecule

“I hope to see the concept of watching your parents and grandparents die, disappear from the public consciousness as a thing that happens over the course of half a century.”

Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum founder (Longevity Prize matching donor through Gitcoin)

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